My name is MICHAEL.

I live in "SEDEROT", Israel. And i am a back & Front-end web developer. I code with PHP, JAVASCRIPT , jQuery, NODEJS, and i also use HTML CSS and BOOTSTARP library.


Coding is my passion and i am really proud making something out of nothing. I have experience in Themes Building and development for WORDPRESS.

At the beginning

At the beginning i started coding simple, hard coded pages, using HTML and CSS only for personal use. At a more advance level, I continued coding with PHP and JAVASCRIPT, jQuery libray and nodeJS.


Today i work as a freelancer, i work hard but i enjoy every minute and effort i invest in my projects. I also work on a video course which will be ready soon, learning HTML and CSS for beginners in Hebrew.

From back end to front end, these are the services i offer.

Check out my portfolio selections, you can found the link under this section.

Web Design

Clean and elegant design is what i follow. Unique and special web sites, landing pages, WordPress themes, and any web based application. With JavaScript and advanced styling-sheets i can animate any element. Ask me for advice.

Content Management System

I use ‘PHP’, a server scripting language, and ‘SQL’ for managing databases for back end development. Storing and retrieving data from tables are the basics for ECommerce and dynamic websites.

Web Development

Using platform like WordPress and Shopify, you can manage your site easily. Integrating payment services and ECommerce tools will help you manage products, quantities, shipping and sells with in a click (a few clicks).

Dynamic and Responsive Content.

You need to update existing theme or maybe developing a new theme from scratch? Look no more!


I’ll build any theme your business needs using PHP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY and other languages with the best practices.


Mobile devices are being used to surf the web in more than 50% of all usage, so no need to worry about what your website looks like in throughout all platforms.


I can help you update the standard cart themes and shop pages and make them look different, as well as guiding you to the best plug-ins available.


Making clean and organized code with HTML and CSS is the basic for all websites. I prefer coding from scratch instead of a framework to ensure there’s no junk code or bugs.